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A Story of Love, Discovery, and Sporting Passion

Our journey with Calechosa began in 2015, marked by a profound appreciation for the region's beauty, culture, fishing, golfing, and adventurous opportunities. This area harbors some of the best fishing on the West Coast, and access to some of Mexico’s most renowned golf courses, along with other adventurous opportunities. The beauty of the Bay of La Calechosa, sparked the decision to make Calechosa our home in Mexico. This business is not just a venture; it's a culmination of years spent falling in love with the unparalleled beauty and potential that Calechosa has to offer. Keep reading to learn more about Calechosa Sporting Adventures.

A Vision Resurrected

Calechosa Sporting Adventures is the realization of a dream that has been meticulously nurtured since 2010. Born out of a passion for adventure, our founder's journey took a challenging turn in 2018 due to a work-related injury. However, against all odd, in 2022 the vision of Calechosa had come back to life, with a resolute commitment to providing a haven for adventure enthusiasts. And God willing, we are hoping to be open in January 2024. This endeavour has been a mental, physical, and financial battle, but every step has been guided by the unwavering belief, dedication, and commitment that adventure is meant to be shared.

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Unique All-Inclusive Experience

Nestled just 10 minutes from town, our 1.5-hectare property is a testament to determination and creativity. Boasting four spacious two room casitas, a large palapa covered common area, a large dining room, a second-story bar beneath a palapa, a spacious pool patio, and a pool bar, Calechosa Sporting Adventures offers a tranquil and private environment for a truly immersive experience. Plans for expansion include 10-11 more two room casitas and an array of tours, from deep-sea fishing and golfing to kayaking fishing, spearfishing, BMW motorbike tours, Hobie cat coastal tours, surfing, and even a Mexican culinary course.

The Evolution

Our founder's resilience and dedication are shaping the accommodations of Calechosa Sporting Adventures into an old Mexican-style village with an atmosphere unlike any other in the region. Despite being a work-in-progress tourism venture, what has already materialized reflects a commitment to creating a space of great energy. Every tour offered is a testament to the passion for adventure that defines Calechosa, and as we continue to grow, the promise is to offer not just adventures but a vibrant tapestry of experiences. Join us in this thrilling venture, where dreams come alive amidst the natural beauty of La Calechosa.

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